Exercise Prescription Therapy

A common physiotherapy treatment used in prevention, immediate care, management, and rehabilitation from physical injury.

Exercise Prescription Therapy

Exercise Prescription is appropriate for almost all people receiving physiotherapy treatment

Ultimately, the goal of physiotherapy is to restore function, reduce pain, and generally improve your quality of life.

Exercise Prescription is used to achieve these goals with the progressive application of exercise in order to increase a person’s tolerance to activity.

Uses of Exercise Prescription include:

  • stretching or flexibility routines
  • nerve mobility exercises
  • strengthening
  • pain-relieving exercises
  • balance and proprioception exercises

The degree of exercise depends on your situation, varying from very light post-surgical exercises, to repeated heavy lifting for people undergoing work-hardening programs. Your physiotherapist will continually monitor and adjust your exercise levels as your recovery progresses.

Getting Started with Exercise Prescription Therapy

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Ready to book your physiotherapy appointment? Here are some points to consider:

  • your first visit will consist of a thorough, hands-on assessment as well as education and exercise guidance
  • on subsequent visits your exercise will be checked and modified as is appropriate
  • it may be most effective to augment a pure, exercise-based approach with other hands-on treatments (this can be discussed with your physiotherapist)
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