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Nanaimo Physiotherapy

We are a Nanaimo physiotherapy clinic located in the beautiful downtown core. Our focus is rehabilitation of orthopaedic conditions which, in general, includes many issues of the muscles, nerves, and bones. Treatment often includes Exercise Prescription and may include advanced Manual Therapy and Dry Needling techniques. Read more about our services on the Physiotherapy Treatments page.

What makes us different? Our Registered Physiotherapists take pride in taking the time to find the true root of your problem.

Did you know?

A physician’s referral is not required to access physiotherapy services.

How Pinpoint Can Help

Our aim is to help you restore, maintain, and maximize your strength, function, movement, and overall well-being.

We are able to:

  • provide you with a thorough assessment and 2nd opinion
  • prepare you for an upcoming surgery
  • help you to recover from an acute injury
  • relieve the suffering from something chronic

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Why Pinpoint?

We believe providing a great physiotherapy service requires two things: Expertise and Time.

Expert Staff

The physiotherapists at Pinpoint have a broad spectrum of experience that the whole team can draw on. We have all worked in the hospital setting with Medical and Orthopaedic patients and are skilled at progressing you at an appropriate pace through rehabilitative exercises.

In addition, our therapists have expanded and honed their skills with post-graduate coursework, and are committed to integrating the best current research with clinical expertise, client values, and available resources.

Making the Time

We schedule generous appointment slots in order to have one-on-one time to listen to your concerns, check your exercises, and reassess your progress regularly.

Your therapist will help you through the recovery phase of your injury, ultimately progressing you to the point where you simply no longer need our services.

Our Clients

Our clients are as dedicated to us as we are to them. Read our testimonials page and see what others have to say about us. When you’re done with the testimonials, learn more about Joe and the rest of the team on our staff bios page.

Nanaimo’s Physiotherapy Clinic

Our bright, level-entry clinic is located in the heart of Nanaimo at 161 Selby Street (close to Caledonian Medical Clinic). We have ample on-site client parking, and serve private clients as well as RCMP, ICBC, MSP, and DVA cases.

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What is Physio?

Physical therapy focuses on assessing, diagnosing, and treating symptoms of illness, injury, or disability.

The Physio Process

First time at Pinpoint Physiotherapy? Here’s a very brief example of what to expect:

  • your initial visit consists of a thorough history and physical exam specific to your complaint
  • physical treatment may begin on day 1, however this usually starts on subsequent visits
  • learn more on our New Patients page

Our staff is skilled in a variety of manual techniques to assist in your recovery – you can find all of our treatments on the Physiotherapy Treatments page. Don’t worry about “choosing” one – your physical therapist will work with you to determine the best treatments for your specific needs.

Physiotherapy Treatments

We offer a wide range of physio treatments, including:

Client Education

The education and empowerment of our clients is often the most critical component of a successful treatment. Our staff will help you to understand:

  • the specific anatomy and physiology of your condition
  • the correct form for exercises
  • self-management techniques of chronic conditions
  • postural correction
  • and many other important aspects of care
Testimonial for Pinpoint Physiotherapy

Amy drastically reduced my back pain by using Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), a type of muscular acupuncture. Amy’s calm, gentle and professional manner took away my feeling of apprehension about being treated using needles.

–Nick, Nanaimo

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