Testimonials for Pinpoint Physiotherapy, Nanaimo

The physical therapists at Pinpoint have helped a lot of people. Below is a collection of testimonials from a handful of our past clients.

To submit your own testimonial, just use our contact form or send an email to info@pinpointphysio.ca. Thanks for your support, Nanaimo!

Testimonials for Joe Box

Assessed & improved.

Hi Joe. Just wanted to say thanks for all your insight and help.

I injured my lower back 20 years ago. Surgery helped but I was left with nerve damage, low grade chronic pain and cramping. After re-injuring my back this summer I came to you, and I must admit I wasn’t coming with much hope.

You spent more time assessing my injury than anyone has ever done and noticed things others have missed. You began dry needling treatments and I began improving. Then while helping with my tennis elbow, you thought it worth checking out my upper back, and that’s when the magic really started to happen. Within a week my neck mobility improved by 40%!!

I feel so much better – I don’t understand how it works but I’m glad it does! Thanks again.

– Wendy S, Nanaimo

Better than ever.

Two years after a car accident that injured my shoulder, and finding limited improvement from various therapies, I decided to make one more attempt and came in to see Joe Box. I was glad I did.

Joe took time assessing my injury and how it has impacted my life. That is one of the things that makes Joe such a wonderful physiotherapist, is that he has the skills – and takes the time – to diagnosis his patient’s injury. From there Joe gradually helped me put together a routine of strength training and stretching that over time helped to heal my shoulder and eventually make it stronger.

I decided to also work with Joe on another issue I had been troubled with for over 20 years, and had basically decided it was something I would have to live with. Joe was able to help me with that as well and provided me with a great set of exercises so that I can continue to improve over time.

I know that without Joe’s help I would not be feeling as good as I do today.

– Jen K, Victoria

Clear & approachable.

I have attended physiotherapy sessions with Joe for both my elbow (tendonitis) and a knee injury I suffered playing soccer.

I appreciated his approach of using both acupuncture alongside other therapeutic methods for my elbow – I felt the combination was definitely of benefit to a speedier recovery.

He was always clear about the intention of the treatment, was very helpful with information around the injuries (causes thereof and how long it may take to heal, other research) and always made sure I was doing the exercises right as well as determining what would be helpful or not.

I found him knowledgeable, approachable and always took the time needed for each appointment.

– Trish P, Langford

A long road to recovery.

I started physio with Joe after I was ran over by a snow groomer and lost 3 out of 4 of the main ligaments in my knee. He helped me pre-hab for 2 surgeries and continued physio after.

I had a long road to recovery and Joe was there every step of the way. I had some times where my spirits were low and just a few words from Joe would raise them quickly. I knew that I was in good hands: Joe worked with me to customize a program that worked.

He would listen to what I had to say, and take my thoughts and concerns into account throughout the whole recovery. When I first started working with Joe I knew he was the perfect person to help me get better, and the longer I worked with him, the more I knew it to be true.

I started on crutches not being able to put any weight on my leg at all. I was hopeful to just be able to walk again. Needless to say, I was very happy the day I jogged on the tread mill. I even passed a physical exam for BC Corrections!

I know I would have never gone this far without Joe’s help and support.

– Spencer Nelson

Life is beautiful!

Just to say thank you, no it is not enough.

As a patient who had, has and will have a pain for rest of her life, I want to say, from the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, Joe. Thank you for your magic hands (you always know where is the most painful point :-)), incredibly great acupuncture technique (incredibly tiny pinch, but such a HUGE relief), patience (especially with us who have a lot of complaints about the pain and life), your human approach (always good mood that is a great model for your patients), a humour which you are able to share with people who need it because for them (us) it is very important to know that their (our) days can be better, much better with your huge help and encouragement you are giving us for all the time. I also do appreciate your honesty which is so rare here.

Thank you, Joe. I will always be so thankful that you took care of my pain, that you helped me to survive and showed me that life can be almost as productive as before my little car accident.

I wish to you, to your family and to your new, absolutely fantastic clinic, only all the best!!!!

Thank you!!!

– Anna Weissova

Everyone is different.

I started seeing Joe when an IT Band issue sidelined me for the Boston Marathon. At that (pin)point I thought I would never run more than 5k again.

While I tease Joe about being the Evil Doctor and me his Frankenstein, in all seriousness, thanks to Joe I have completed a half-marathon and can run 3-5 middle distance runs a week.

Joe listens to my lengthy narrative about how I am progressing, what has happened an then works with me to develop the IMS plan-of-the-day and any homework.

One of Joe’s greatest strengths is that he individualizes patient treatment - psyche and physical - recognizing that everyone is different, and that for some of us, total rest is not an option.

The last two years have been a journey that I have never felt alone on. Each milestone always felt shared, and any setback was greeted with support and solutions.

And of course, Joe’s best quality is that he hums when he knows it is going to be a “good one”.

– Suzanne

Move with ease

Joe Box is a credit to his profession. I have been a patient to him for nearly three years and I have found him attentive, caring and very helpful to my various aches and pains. Thank you Joe for making me move with ease. I also wish to express how professional, kind and helpful his staff is.’

– Ninon Z.

I have my life back!

I came to Pinpoint Physiotherapy with a chronic IT band problem. I was in pain whenever I walked or moved in certain ways. The treatment I received from physiotherapist Joe Box was excellent. He listened very carefully to my account of symptoms, asked questions. examined me and set about a course of treatment. He gave me exercises to do at home, which I did every day. At every subsequent appointment he asked questions and based on my answers, and his examination, adjusted both the treatment and my home exercises, if necessary. I am now able to go for daily walks and move without pain. I have my life back! I believe the reason that the treatment I received was so effective was that Joe uses up-to-date therapies. He takes courses so that he is on the leading edge of effective treatment. The office staff is friendly and helpful and appointments are on time .
I highly recommend Joe Box and Pinpoint Physiotherapy.

– Colleen D

Testimonials for Amy Finlay

Thank you Amy!

Amy is caring and especially with what it concerns in my case – even when it was a rare situation that happened once in Amy’s 10 year professional life, Amy still approached considering that very improbable scenario. And most of all, Amy listens and did what she could to help and to fix me.

Thank you Amy!

– Rui R, Nanaimo

A tremendous help.

Amy is gentle, patient, and an excellent communicator. I first consulted Amy for physio after injuring my foot. She listened very patiently to my thoughts and concerns and successfully treated the injury. Further to this treatment, she also suggested that I might consider getting orthotics, based on the concerns I had mentioned to her about pain in my knees and lower back – a while later, I decided to invest in a pair of orthotics and they have helped tremendously.

After I had my first baby a few years later, my lower back pain returned; I consulted with Amy about this problem. Amy took the time to carefully explain what has going on in my body and gave very useful suggestions about how to engage my core muscles. It took a while for me to relearn how to engage my core muscles after the pregnancy, but Amy was very patient and helpful along the way; I do not have an educational background in science and anatomy, but Amy explained what was happening with my body in a way that I could relate to, which made the task much easier. Amy’s advice after my first pregnancy continued to help me for years afterwards; I am pregnant again and this time I have virtually no back pain – I attribute this physical wellbeing to Amy’s guidance from years ago.

I would highly recommend Amy for treatment.

– Laurie Finlay, Winnipeg

Passionate & professional.

I cannot thank Amy enough for all her help after I put my back out. Without her experience and treatment I would not have returned to my normal activities so quickly. Amy is professional and very passionate about what she does and this reflects in her concern for her patients. With great help from Amy I have managed to keep pain free. Amy has also treated both of my teenagers.

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone regardless of age or injury.

– Deanna H

Success with IMS.

I visited Amy Finlay (formerly Amy Taylor) for a back issue I’ve had since I was a teenager. On my initial visit with Amy, I arrived in unbelievable pain, barely able to move. Amy drastically reduced my back pain by using Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), a type of muscular acupuncture. Amy’s calm, gentle and professional manner took away my feeling of apprehension about being treated using needles.

She took her time to answer my questions patiently and to thoroughly describe her treatment plan so I was able to understand it. Amy also provided me with rehabilitation exercises and stretches to increase my strength and flexibility and gave me a comprehensive plan for pain management. I found her bedside manner to be pleasant and caring.

I am completely confident in Amy’s knowledge, skills and expertise in her field and I would highly recommend Amy as a physiotherapist. I can’t say enough about the wonderful care I received while working with Amy!

– Nick, Nanaimo

Fixed up

I have been training for a Tough Mudder race in Seattle. I have been seeing Amy for IMS with a hamstring issue. I just wanted to let her know that I did not have any problems with my hamstring throughout the 16km Tough Mudder run AND it’s still feeling great! I wanted to say thank you to her and will definitely be back for some follow ups and will recommend Pinpoint to my friends and family.

– Mike R. Nanaimo

Passion and enthusiasm

I’ve seen both Amy and Joe and have nothing but wonderful things to say about them! The passion and enthusiasm they have for their job is truly amazing and it shows in each session we have together. I would highly recommend Pin Point Physiotherapy to anyone. The friendly front desk staff also make each visit a pleasant experience. I always look forward to going to my appointments. Thank you for all that you do! :)

– Megan R.

Limping no more

The actual therapy is miraculous. i’ve walked in limping (more than once) and left limp free. because my job is very physical and i’m riddled with arthritis, my pain is not limited to any certain area, rather spontaneously flaring up. amy is always able to give me relief. it’s extraordinairy! my feet in particular were causing me excruciating pain and after a couple of sessions with amy we’re pretty much back to normal. can’t say enough about pinpoint and amy and the fabulous gals who run the office!

– Glynnis W

Testimonials for Anna Kania

A True Miracle

Having played a lot sports over the years and being competitive you get injuries to several parts of the body. One of my worst injury was planta fasciitis. Major pain in the feet. I had seen doctors and specialist and had orthotics. None of the suggestions seem to help. A great friend had mention a physio by the name of Anna. Hoping for a miracle i went to see Anna. Anna was a true miracle. She took the time to listen and suggest different remedies for my needs. I was amazed how patient understanding she was to help me recover. After a few weeks of taping and doing lots of little things that no other physio had done i was starting to see results. Anna has passion and true understanding of customer service and helping and caring for her patients. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like a physio to help them with their issues. It’s been five years with zero pain for my planta fasciitis. Thank you Anna. Thank you

– Sukh K.

Passion to Help

I have been a client of Anna’s for the last 5 years From treating my back, neck, shoulders and knees I have received exceptional professional care from Anna. I lost some motivation and confidence to play sports again, Anna worked with me to build my confidence and strengthen all of my injures to lead to a fast and effective recovery. Anna has continuously provided me with exceptional and invaluable physiotherapy and her passion to help, care and treat is absolutely a blessing

I would not hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone

– Amit N.

Well Explained and Thorough

If you are looking for a well explained and thorough examination of your mechanics or injury you have come to the right place. Anna puts her extensive education to work as she takes the time to complete a thorough assessment followed by a plan of action to get you back to a road of success. Whether you are coming in for general maintenance to ensure proper mechanics, or coming in with an injury, Anna will get you to where you need to be! Anna didn’t just take the right steps to fix my injured shoulder, but provided me with simple exercises to add into my daily routine to prevent it from happening again. I was very thankful to find Anna and get back to my regular training routine sooner than I could have ever imagined.

– Katie W.

Well taken Care of

I had a major accident on a motorcycle in May of 2013 where I broke both the Tibia and Fibula and fractured my patella as well. I was very scared at the time wondering what my mobility would end up being like and had no idea where to go and who to see. First without talking to anyone and without the ability to drive went to a physiotherapy clinic directly across the street from our house. After a few visits I felt very uncomfortable in their hands, feeling like they had no real plan for me, unclear answers to all my questions and just a general lack of knowledge of my injury. I got Anna’s contact information through a friend and customer of mine and immediately went to see her. Anna impressed me within the first few minutes of meeting her. m She had a game plan for my recovery as well as all my questions answered within the first visit and I left feeling optimistic. Over the course of my treatment I always felt well taken care of. Anna is very friendly and always greets you with a smile. A very positive person! Years later I am doing better than I ever thought I would and am so grateful I was able to have Anna’s help to get here. I can’t speak highly enough about Anna and have sent everyone I meet that needs help or has been injured to go see her as well.

– Donald H.

Testimonials for Emily MacHattie

One Of My Favourite People

All the staff at the front desk are pleasant, friendly, kind and lovely. Emily is awesome and one of my favourite people ever. She has secret angel wings, I just know it. Great hours too.

– Tracy Z

Long-Term Results

My daughter and I have been coming to Pinpoint Physiotherapy for sometime now. We both see Emily and she has been exceptional in terms of her ability to understand the body, hear our concerns and work with where we are at. I have been to a number of physiotherapists over the years for various things but have never seen any long-term results until now.

Thank you Emily!

– Kristen M

Emily Was Fantastic

Emily was fantastic. She didn’t just focus on my wrist, but treated the areas that were contributing to my pain. She was accommodating to my schedule and I never felt rushed through an appointment. My wrist is feeling great now. She also dealt with WorkSafeBC directly.

– Craig M

Thorough With Clear Instuctions

I found Emily to be thorough in her assessment and gave me clear instructions on what exercises I needed to do to help strengthen and promote healthy joint movement,

– Tracy G

Professional And Knowledgeable

Emily has done wonders for me! Very professional and knowledgeable. Attentive to the patient’s issues.

– Martin B

A Shout of Thanks

A shout out of thanks to Emily my physiotherapist and ISM. I am a golgi tendon stimulation proponent now! First time in a long time, I am walking with no limp after just one treatment.

– Brad D

Testimonials for Martin Davies

A gifted physiotherapist

Martin is a gifted physiotherapist who generated the best plan to help me recover at full speed. My body now feels great and I truly believe I am stronger then pre-injury.

– Judith, Vancouver

Helped me adapt training techniques

Martin has helped me train for numerous endurance events. He has been great at dealing with the injuries I have developed while training. He has also been able to help me adapt my training and running techniques to make sure my body is in the best shape possible to compete.

– Brooke, North Vancouver

Made a huge difference

Martin’s expertise and encouragement, especially when I needed it most made a huge difference in my recovery back to full mobility. His ability to deal with both my recent fracture and my pre-existing mobility issues was fantastic.

– Dorothy, White Rock

I am doing great now.

I felt better the day after you did your first treatment session. In fact, I was so much improved that I didn’t even need to take the medication anymore. I am doing great now. Thanks for your concern and for getting me back to full function.

– Brian, Surrey

Testimonial for Pinpoint Physiotherapy

Amy’s advice after my first pregnancy continued to help me for years afterwards; I am pregnant again and this time I have virtually no back pain – I attribute this physical wellbeing to Amy’s guidance from years ago. I would highly recommend Amy for treatment.

–Laurie Finlay, Winnipeg

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