New Patients

New to physiotherapy? Here’s a quick outline of what to expect when you book a treatment with Pinpoint.

New Patient Information

Your Initial Assessment

The goal of your first session is a thorough assessment followed by education on your condition and a discussion as to how physio may be useful to you. You will often be taught a few exercises to be completed at home. Sometimes hands-on treatment such as IMS or Manual Therapy are begun on day 1, but not always.

You can expect to spend about 40 minutes with the therapist during your initial assessment. We will take a thorough history of your condition, followed by a physical exam specific to your complaint. This often includes range of motion measurements, muscle length tests, as well as provocative tests in order to try to understand the true source of your problem.

Subsequent Treatments

If you require additional sessions, the focus switches from assessment to physical treatment and progression of exercises. Our physiotherapists will utilize a variety of techniques to help you with your recovery – learn more about each of these techniques on the pages below:

Other Information for New Patients

What To Prepare

We need you to fill out and sign our intake forms before your first session. When you book your initial assessment you’ll receive an email with a link to create a profile and fill out the necessary paperwork. It’s easy to do and should take you less than 10 minutes.

What To Wear

Make sure we can access the part of your body that needs attention. We recommend bringing a loose pair of shorts, no matter what you’re being seen for. Ladies should bring a tank-top that shows as much of the shoulder blade as possible.

Pricing & Coverage

Your first assessment is $85, and subsequent visits are $65. Partial MSP coverage drops the rates to $40, and for ICBC claims, just $30. If you have extended medical, it may cost you nothing. Learn more on the rates page.

Meet Our Physical Therapists

We want you to be comfortable with your physio! Learn more about the talented physiotherapists at Pinpoint by clicking on the staff bios page. You can also read what our clients have written on the testimonials page.

Book Your Treatment

Booking your physiotherapy treatment with Pinpoint is easy! Just follow one of the options below.

Testimonial for Pinpoint Physiotherapy

And most of all, Amy listens and did what she could to help and to fix me. Thank you Amy!

–Rui R, Nanaimo

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