Medical Acupuncture

The careful application of thin metal needles to specific points on the body in order to release endorphins and provide relief.

Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture is useful for anyone looking for relief of conditions stemming from muscle tension

In order to change muscle tension, reduce pain levels, improve mood, and increase the energy of our clients, our physical therapists will often utilize Medical Acupuncture treatments.

Medical Acupuncture uses include treating:

  • muscle strain
  • tennis elbow
  • tension headaches
  • back pain caused by a motor vehicle accident

This type of acupuncture is more broadly called “dry needling”, and current evidence suggests that benefits come from the body’s release of endorphins, endogenous opiates, and the effect of mechanotransduction in response to the needles.

Medical Acupuncture vs. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

There are significant differences between Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Medical Acupuncture. A traditional Chinese approach would choose treatment areas based on the theoretical movement of energy (or “chi”) along Yin and Yang meridians in the body.

Conversely, a practitioner of Medical Acupuncture will choose treatment locations based on the anatomy of muscles, nerves, and tendinous insertions. It is believed that the effect these needles have is due to their physiological effect on the neuromuscular system rather than on the movement of energy.

Getting Started with Medical Acupuncture

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Ready to book your physiotherapy appointment? Here are some points to consider:

  • you will have time to discuss in detail the risks and benefits with your therapist before getting started and can withdraw your consent for treatment at any time
  • your first visit is a thorough, hands-on assessment, often with a trial of two or four needles
  • the amount of needling will be progressed gradually and comfortably
  • you don’t have to arrive knowing that Medical Acupuncture is for you – your physical therapist will work with you to determine the best course of action
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Testimonial for Pinpoint Physiotherapy

Thank you, Joe. I will always be so thankful that you took care of my pain, that you helped me to survive and showed me that life can be almost as productive as before my little car accident. I wish to you, to your family and to your new, absolutely fantastic clinic, only all the best!!!!

–Anna Weissova

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