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Are you an experienced Physio looking for a fresh start? Are you a recent Physiotherapy grad looking for guidance and room to grow? Are you passionate about spending time with your clients? Apply for a position at Pinpoint today!

  • $1000 signing bonus, $3000 if you already have IMS

    $1000 signing bonus$3000 if you already have IMS

  • 45 minute assessments, 30 minute followups

    45 minute assessments30 minute followups

  • primarily private caseload, minimal Worksafe BC

    primarily private caseloadminimal Worksafe BC

  • full funding for IMS training, + post-training mentorship

    full funding for IMS training+ post-training mentorship

How to Apply

To apply for a position at Pinpoint, send your application through one of the following means:

  • Email – – PDF files preferred
  • Fax – 250.591.6166
  • Clinic – 161 Selby Street, Nanaimo BC, Canada V9R 2R1

Message from the owner:

I moved to Nanaimo from Victoria in 2011 to open my first "mini-clinic", and in early 2014 founded Pinpoint Physiotherapy in the heart of downtown Nanaimo.

Nanaimo has matured over the last decade or so from a blue-collar town to a vibrant centre for industry, arts, and culture – and it’s a place I am proud to call home. I’m fortunate to share it with my wonderful wife, who incidentally grew up here.

Central Vancouver Island is a bountiful region, and offers quick access to both outdoor activities and the urban pleasures of larger centres like Vancouver and Victoria. Even if you choose to buy land "out in the sticks", commuting times are practically non-existent.

And the cost of housing? Well, we personally sold our tiny, century-old house in Victoria and were able to buy a large home with an ocean view that is 70 years newer. We couldn't be happier in this town.

To learn more about the benefits of working at Pinpoint and living in Nanaimo, please keep reading. To apply for a position at Pinpoint, follow the steps above.

Joe Box, Owner

Why Work at Pinpoint?

Our vision is simple: we believe that spending time with clients is the future of our profession, and our clinic runs based on this concept.

The two most important facts that make Pinpoint an exceptional place to work:

  • our clients are predominantly private paying
  • we schedule 45-minute assessments and 30-minute subsequent sessions

What this means for you:

  • Better patient outcomes Private clients have better motivation to improve than those with a claim pending.
  • Less fatigue We want our staff to be as engaged with their clients as possible, so a typical day at Pinpoint consists of only about 10 clients. Our practice is downright relaxing compared to bouncing between beds!
  • Less "baggage" Most private clients are simpler to deal with than those with claims pending.
  • Less paperwork Less because you will need to see less clients (and there are no reporting requirements for private clients).
  • Caseload fills quicker Our long session times mean you require less clients in a given day, allowing you to quickly build an initial caseload (or re-fill it after a vacation).
  • Full caseload most days The current wait for our services is about 3 weeks. This means when you get a cancellation there is usually another client waiting to fill the spot.
  • Satisfied clients Our clients often thank us for not “just shuffling them into the gym” or treating them with a passive modality. Happy clients tell their friends and return when they re-injure themselves in the future.

Our Clinic

  • Our lovely logo
  • Sitting in the waiting area
  • One of our tables
  • Road frontage at 161 Selby Street

Other benefits

  • Our bright and airy clinic is located in downtown Nanaimo, close to boutique shopping and some fine casual and formal restaurants
  • Our clientele is made up predominantly of working professionals
  • We are located a stone's throw from Nanaimo's two largest medical clinics: Caledonian Clinic and Medical Arts
  • Owner Joe Box is also an on-site operator who cares about the day to day details
  • We encourage ongoing education by providing FULL funding for IMS training, and up to $500 annually for other clinical education
  • We offer true "Employee" status which, for the employee, is more lucrative (and simpler) than being an Associate or Contractor
  • A generous fee split and a $1000 signing bonus is available to the right applicant (you'll get a $3000 bonus if you already have IMS training)

Apply Today!

If you're a passionate individual looking for a new opportunity, Pinpoint is a great place to work, and Nanaimo is an amazing place to live. Click the button below to get started!

How to Apply

Why live in Nanaimo?

Once you’ve lived in Nanaimo for any length of time, it becomes hard to understand why someone wouldn't want to live here. Below are a handful of reasons to consider making the Harbour City your next home:

Things to discover in Nanaimo:

  • The great outdoors Hike the amazing trails of Mt Benson, swim in the warm, clean waters of the Nanaimo river or Westwood Lake, or explore the myriad of islands nearby in an ocean kayak. If you’re an active person, Nanaimo has a lot of fun to offer.
  • A unique opportunity Where else can you simply paddle 10 minutes from downtown to an island to grab dinner other than the Dingy-Dock pub on Protection Island?
  • A less hectic pace Commute? What commute? In fact, BIKING to work takes pretty much the same amount of time as driving thanks to our pedal-friendly trails and roads.
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping! Nanaimo isn’t only for outdoor adventures: we are home to Vancouver Island\'s largest shopping centre (Woodgrove Centre) as well as a great variety of eclectic and smaller boutique shops.
  • Arts & culture Our harbour city also boasts the modern and beautiful Port Theatre, where the same travelling acts that visit Victoria regularly stop. The active downtown core also features a range of galleries and other cultural hotspots.
  • Incredible property rates Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island can’t stay under the radar forever, and the word is getting out. Despite the appeal and growth, an equivalent home in Victoria or Vancouver will still cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

Convinced? Have questions? Get in touch to apply for a position at Pinpoint Physiotherapy today!

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Testimonial for Pinpoint Physiotherapy

I did not have any problems with my hamstring throughout the 16km Tough Mudder run AND it's still feeling great! I wanted to say thank you to her and will definitely be back for some follow ups and will recommend Pinpoint to my friends and family.

–Mike R

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